Code of Conduct Student:

1. To maintain minimum 70% of attendance for every semester as per the guidelines of KSLU.

2. Avoid indulging in ragging activities.

3. Avoid usage of intoxicating substance and any other prohibited substance.

4. Students shall follow prescribed dress code as per the guidelines of BCI and KSLU.
Monday- Khadi
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday- Black and White Salwar for Ladies and Formals for Boys

5. To be on time to attend the assembly at 9:00 AM.

6. Maintaining discipline in the college without causing any disturbance to others.

7. Taking prior approval from the authorities concerned for conducting any programme/ event.

8. Possess Identity while entering the class.

9. Not to indulge in activities that could cause discrimination on the ground of gender, caste or religion.

10. Avoid involving in the activities causing damages to the college property, or indulge in physical violence with fellow student.

11. To undergo compulsory internship for practical course including advocate chamber visit, court visit, Lok adalat, Legal aid camp as organized by the college to abide by the rules of KSLU.

12. To take best usage of the library.

13. To maintain the highest standards of academic integrity and honesty

14. To Ensure that the honor and reputation of the Institute is maintained at all times and at all levels.

15. Eve teasing is strictly prohibited.






Davanagere, situated in the heart of Karnataka, is a fast growing city. It is the nerve centre of trade and commerce, the heart throb and the abode of large hearted donors. The credit of putting Davanagere on the National and International map goes to Bapuji Educational Association. B.E.A. came into existence in the year 1958 and now it has become a house hold name in Karnataka, pursuing excellence in the field of education, thanks to the vision, farsightedness and large heartedness of its Hon. Secretary, popular Dr. Shamanur Shivashankarappa. As many as 47 educational institutions from primary to post graduate courses are nursed and nurtured by the association. All these institutions have been rendering memorable service to the society and the nation as a whole. The evolution of Bapuji Educational Association has led to the significant growth of Davanagere. The Association has taken every care, at every step to facilitate the smooth growing of all its family members.






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